Luxury branded 2BR & 3BR apartment by the sea STARTING PRICE AED 6,666,000

Immersed in the rhythmic ebb and flow of the ocean, and fuelled by a deep-seated passion for all things maritime, Harbour Lights stands tall and proud as a towering masterpiece of residential apartments. This 52-storey beacon of luxurious living embodies a waterfront dream brought to life.

Nestled in the heart of Dubai Maritime City, Harbour Lights is strategically located between Port Rashid and Dubai’s Drydocks World, at the epicentre of the thriving maritime industry. This vibrant hub of activity is the perfect setting for those who seek a dynamic and urban lifestyle.
Residents can choose from an array of spacious 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, each one designed to pay homage to the epic maritime voyages of the past, while embracing the splendour and extravagance that a seafront lifestyle has to offer.
Come and experience the magic of Harbour Lights, where the wonder and majesty of the sea converge to create a blissful horizon of residential bliss The community
Strategically located between Port Rashid and Dubai’s Drydocks World,Dubai Maritime City capitalises on its strengths,

bringing together the entire maritime industry, offering its residents a dynamic, urban lifestyle.

The multifunctional community of Dubai Maritime City is divided into six thematic clusters:

Maritime Centre – a business cluster with business and entertainment venues
Industrial Precinct – an industrial area and a large-scale ship repair complex
Academic Quarter – an academic quarter for marine industry professionals
Marina District – a mixed-use marina service area
Harbour Offices – a quarter with 19 plots for the construction of office towers
Harbour Residences – a residential area with residences
The area is a freehold economic zone, and residents can enjoy quick access to the sea and to Dubai airport, just 20 mins away.
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