Costans Enterprise specializes in corporate development, catering to businesses aiming to expand their operations across regions such as the Middle East, Africa, India, Turkey, Israel, and beyond. We are your partners in elevating brand recognition and establishing a prominent presence in international markets. Our expertise is particularly valuable to those seeking to export their products but lack familiarity with foreign markets, a starting point, or personnel well-versed in navigating unfamiliar socio-cultural environments.
With a decade of experience in this field, we’ve acquired in-depth knowledge of local customs, traditions, and cultivated relationships with key decision-makers.
Our approach is grounded in crafting tailored marketing strategies for each unique business, all executed by a highly skilled team. If you’re ready to shed anonymity and embark on a transformational journey, Costans Enterprise is here to propel your business into a new dimension.


Yacooba offers the highest security for Event Tickets, using blockchain and dynamic QR codes, plus all oneĀ“s Travel and accommodation bookings on one platform whilst providing Event Promoters with a step up in security and access to new revenue streams.

Connecting Travelers Worldwide
Yacooba’s platform rethinks traveling. Where locations don’t really matter, but what you’re going to join and experience there does, we offer a real-time travel package builder for event-goers.
Regardless of locations, you are getting the best deals for Event Tickets, Travel, Hotels and extras. Booking a tailored dynamic travel package in minutes, guaranteeing its desirable trip with the best prices and conditions, without loosing focus on your events.

The Future of Ticketing
We believe Web 3.0 and Blockchain technologies are the future for the Event Ticketing industry. We developed a decentralized event ticket selling protocol that can be transparently used by any event producer, in addition to providing incentives for all the actors.
The protocol will live by itself in the public Ethereum network and open to any participant. Through the creation of this protocol, illegal ticket secondary markets with inflated prices and ticket fraud occurrences will be inexistent. By having strong cryptographic guarantees for ticket purchases and sells, and absolute transparency for all participants involved.

MEC GENERATING SETS specializes in cogeneration, micro-cogeneration and tricogeneration. Thanks to constant technological innovation and constant investments in Research and Development, it is able to satisfy every possible request. You will find your generator set!

We have a fleet of machines with various setups of generator sets with manual/automatic control panel and soundproofed for outdoor placement.